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Make the smart technology move, Write for MySmartBazaar!

Write for MySmartBazaar ( Published on 30 Mar 2020 )

Make the smart technology move, Write for MySmartBazaar!

Writing about technology is unlike writing for a novel and it’s unlike “technical writing”. Technology writing has its own niche, it’s own language and verbatim. People who write for technology are passionate and understand the real world applications of the technology. For some people, it is about the code the website has been written in, or the user interface the e-commerce website is displaying. From shopping to movie watching to gaming - our lives are surrounded by technology.  

Somewhere, we all want to express ourselves. Human expression is an innate and primal instinct. Some people express through music, some through strokes of a paintbrush, some through words.

And here at MySmartBazaar, we are asking you to make a smart move. We are appealing to your inner human expression. If you are one of those, who love to express by words and sentences. Who feel that words are the language of the human soul, come join us.

Come write for us.

Who are we? 
We are MySmartBazaar - a one-stop solution for all things related to gadgets, electronics, mobile phones, home appliances, etc. We are a place with over 200-million plus annual users and a valued customer base.

Writing for us would mean you can explore interesting topics like the latest gadgets in the market, the most tech-savvy devices on the block, the best and latest smartphones and everything related to technology under one roof!

We are now accepting ghostwriting applications. Writing for us means getting featured and cited in top content and technology blogs available on the web. We are focused on churning out content for major technology publications like 91Mobiles, GSMArena, PhoneArena, MySmartPrice and much more. 

How do you get started?

Write articles, topics, reviews and much more. Just start by dropping an email that will have:
1) A brief description about yourself
2) Links to previously written articles
3) The subject line should contain the type to content you prefer writing

Send your emails at

We absolutely don’t encourage plagiarism or copying content and are strictly against that.
A brief knowledge about SEO is preferred and likely to increase your chances of getting selected.
Once you are selected for the writer position, you shall be assigned a title for your post submission. Remember, this will be in the same category as the one you cited on the subject line of your email, so choose wisely!

The chosen subject can fall into multiple categories that might not be directly related to technology. We want to test your writing skills, grammar and other factors. You may choose to write on the following topics:

What fits you best, choose that and play to your strengths! This is a chance of a lifetime. So give it your best shot.
If you're really excited about onboarding as a guest technology writer with MySmartBazaar then, you’ll be asked to sign an NDA and to terms of the agreement.

We are really excited to onboard writers who are passionate about technology and love to put words on paper. This can lead to greater things and being featured in leading technology channels and blogs.

Hurry up, send your application today!!