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Product Description – Voltage Stabilizer

Who doesn’t know the voltage fluctuations and power surges in our country? If your home is a hub of unguarded electronic appliances, then unexpected power spikes, variations or external factors like lightning could devastate the devices.  Perhaps you are aware of it and hence here, searching for a good Voltage Stabilizer. 

But do you know that not all stabilizers serve the same purpose with all electronic devices? Each electronic appliance comes with its own voltage limits and thus requires an appropriate stabilizer of a suitable capacity. How will you know which one is right for your AC, refrigerator, television or PC? 

Choosing the best AC Voltage Stabilizer 

For example for a 1.5 ton AC, the EM4150+ 150V-280V Digital Display Voltage Stabilizer from Microtek can be a good choice. The smart delay feature, 3 years of warranty and the prestigious brand name, makes Microtek stabilizers a good recommendation. But if your AC is 2 tons, then  V Guard’s VG 500 Voltage Stabilizer with an input voltage range of 170 to 270 Volts, smart features and an economical price tag could be a great pick. 

Voltage Stabilizer for your appliances

For washing machines or refrigerators, the V-Guard VGSD 100 can be a great choice. With an input voltage range of 130V to 290V, it can stabilize an incoming voltage of up to 220 V-230 V. V-Guard Mini Crystal which generally has a high input voltage range of 110V – 240V is a great option to protect your television sets.. With a low and high voltage cutoff, the stabilizer will cut off your appliance when the voltage dips to 90 V or goes above 290V as it has a time delay of 8 seconds. 

Buying the best : Voltage Stabilizer

Here at MySmartBazaar we guide you as to which stabilizer suits your home, your gadgets and your pockets. Our authentic and unbiased price comparisons give you an over-view of the top most brands in Voltage Stabilizers and at the most reasonable pricing in the leading shopping portals like Amazon, Paytm, Flipkart etc. Our detailed product descriptions will give you the necessary information with latest updates on why you should go for a certain brand.