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Price List In India – Refrigerators

Newer technologies that made a breakthrough in the previous century such as refrigerators are being revolutionized with convenient and advanced alterations and reinventions even today!

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A cooling gel, cooling wall, capillaries that are insulated for sustained, consistent and prolonged uniform cooling systems are only the beginning. Independent cooling of stored foods with a dual-fan is the latest technology undertaken by popular brands such as Godrej and Hitachi which are gaining customer prominence. Other popular brands of refrigerators that are being purchased majorly online are Haier, Whirlpool and Samsung refrigerators which are equipped with the much-hyped French door. This technology is being replicated due to the existence of more than one door that allows convenient access and better storage space since one is enabled with individual compartments. 

With improved technology and modern facilities that cater to every need of individuals like top freezers, bottom freezers, counter-depth, french doors etc. Each of these serves a different purpose and MySmartBazaar guide along. We bring you the best prices that are offered by various sites, so you can compare and select the best for you.


You can classify refrigerators as per the capacity ranging from 150L, 250L, 330L and goes up to 600L. The prices generally depend on the storage capacity, the brand and features offered to you. MySmartBazaar helps you make intelligent decisions, so compare and buy from the plethora of options presented to you. We analyse the prices from over 10+ e-commerce websites and let you choose from the sellers.  

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Do you know your refrigerator can have intelligent cooling and also be energy efficient? Have different temperatures for each compartment and have creative storage too? You need to get your knowledge checked before you swipe your card to buy one. MySmartBazaar is the one-stop solution to answer all your refrigerators aka fridges related queries. Let us help you find a suitable one for you. Go to our website and you know you have come to the right place.