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Digital photo frames

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Compare And Buy Price List In India – DIGITAL PHOTO FRAMES

Digital photo frames are small LCD screens that can display digital photos. It is designed similar to the conventional photo frames. It allows you to display multiple photos without having to print every one of them. Most of the digital photo frames come with in- built memory enabling users to store photos and with a memory card slot, whereas others can be connected via bluetooth technology. They  operate in both still and slide- show mode and are delightfully effortless to use. Being extremely compatible, easy to set up and loaded with amazing features, they serve as great gifts for friends and family. 

How to select a Digital Photo Frame?

While choosing a digital photo frame that suits your needs, you need to keep an eye on the following: 

?Screen Size : The screen size of a digital photo frame is an important factor. To display your photos in a decent size, a screen size of 8 inches should be kept in mind. The usual frames come in sizes of 3 × 5 to 10 × 12 inches. LCD photo frames are measured diagonally just as computer monitors and televisions. However frames with diagonal sizes of 20 inches are also available.

?Aspect ratio : The aspect ratio of a photograph denotes the ratio between the height and the width of the image. It is recommended to take care of the same. If the aspect ratio of the digital frame is in proportion to the dimension of the picture, then it can fill the whole screen. Some of the most common aspect ratios for digital frames are 4:3 and 16:9.

?Resolution : Resolution is the size of the image measured in pixels. A digital photo frame with a pixel resolution of 800 × 600 or 800 × 480 is recommended. 

?Memory card compatibility & built- in storage :It has to be ensured that memory cards like SD, compact flash and memory stick are supported by the model you opt for.  Also the built- in memory preferred should be 512 MB.

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