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Product Description – Laptop battery

If your laptop battery shows symptoms of slowing down and doesn’t seem to hold its maximum capacity, it is time to look for a replacement. In most cases the lifespan of laptop batteries reduces due to overheating.

Though constant plugging in can quickly heat up your laptop battery, the main culprit is often high-workload. The reason your device gets unbearably hot could be an overworked processor. Most of the laptops today come with built-in internal circuits that control the charging process when the battery is full. Such a design prevents the batteries from overcharging, and today the only reason for overheating is when there is something wrong with the charging system itself.

Choosing the best – Laptop battery

Most of the laptop companies have battery replacement options listed on their websites. But, before you order the replacement it is good to be aware of a few things. One can get easily fooled by ordering the wrong model especially if you are a novice to technology and is not well-versed with the details of a laptop battery. Also, if the manufacturer offers free replacement of the battery, you need to make sure whether your device is still under the warranty period. Else, you could be charged.

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