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Once the excitement of buying your dream phone fizzles out, comes the next best thing - the mobile case! Half of us may have our choices ready even before buying the device. And the other half would be living and sleeping on those shopping portals trying to get the funkiest mobile case we could flaunt around.

Mobile cases have become style statements as much as the phone itself. And there seems to be one for every age, gender, philosophy, faith and phase in life! From girly-cute models and reckless gaming themes, to ‘seasonal’ designs and stunning abstract patterns, you get a basketful of mobile cases to satiate your fancies.

Choosing the best  Mobile cases & covers

Almost every e-portal throng with a variety of mobile cases in all possible designs. They come decked up in ‘very indie’ motifs, crazy cartoons, cool denims and quite sporty ones. The versatile price range is also adorable! You could pick a sassy cover for your mobile from Rs.149/- onwards. One could get a real classy look for your flagship phones as well, but with a price to pay for!

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Getting the best deal on a Mobile cases & covers

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