POCO to unveil its new X2 model supposed to launch in India on February 4th - Tech News

POCO to unveil its new X2 model supposed to launch in India on February 4th - Tech News

Published on 28 January, 2020

POCO to unveil its new X2 model supposed to launch in India on February 4th

There is no doubt that Smartphone have changed the entire digital landscape of the world. With consumers having access to more purchasing power, it has reached every nook and corner of the world in unimaginative ways. It is the to-have device that defines the style statement of today’s generation - baby boomers and the millennial especially. However, with increasingly stiff competition and price wars, it is becoming challenging for customers to choose the model they desire. A Smartphone is an essential entity in our lives today and is completely integrated with our daily routine in an inseparable manner. Be it chatting with colleagues for an important discussion or hosting an application that you can quickly have access to rather than opening your laptop, Smartphone have become a means of increasing productivity more than ever before.

The marketplace is flocked with a plethora of stunning Smartphone boasting new advanced features and technologies embedded to fit the tastes and preferences of the prospect buyer. Buyers choose depending on a lot of factors such as value for money, camera resolution, screen size, space and processor speed. Xiaomi, which has been successfully setting market standards and has emerged to be one of the top players in this segment, has announced to come up with the first product from its spin-off brand POCO this February in the Indian market. After the F1 model, the Snapdragon-embedded X2 model is also aimed specifically at gamers who look for a high refresh rate and buyers with special interest in photography.

The next-generation Smartphone is anticipated to create ripples in the mobile phone industry. It is anticipated to feature a robust memory limit of 8GB and come with a 180 GHz octa-core chipset. This is certainly going to be a good fit for techies and professionals or even gamers who play games simply out of fun. With Smartphone becoming more like a personal locker where you tend to keep all our private and important files, accessibility and security take up a huge role. To address such concerns, this Smartphone is expected to have a powerful dual real camera and a fingerprint scanner just below it in order to enhance the security. Due to increased power consumption owing to a high refresh rate, a stronger battery has been put in place that is expected to give you a seamless file transfer and a gaming experience. The phone is also expected to flaunt a USB Type-C port squeezed between the audio jack and the speaker mesh located at the bottom section.

With the online marketplace becoming an extensive market with a large variety of options, the real challenge of the buyer lies in finding all the relevant information pertaining to a product under one umbrella. This would help the buyer make an informed decision with regards to making a purchase. MySmartBazaar is a leading price comparison website that has been helping out buyers in this regard. With a host of products in its bucket from different e commerce giants such as Amazon, Flipkart, TataCliq and so on, we provide you the most reliable and up-to-date information about prices, technical specifications so that you make a wise investment.

Although there are gamuts of Smartphone, the latest from Xiaomi is expected to give a tough competition to its predecessors. At MySmartBazaar, you can compare across different models and look up for any relevant information you need. Products from leading brands such as Samsung, other variants from Xiaomi can be added to the comparison bucket and you can scan across the different specs to understand which product fits your requirements perfectly. 

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