Realme C3 Revealed on Flipkart

Realme C3 Revealed on Flipkart

Published on 06 February, 2020

Realme C3 Revealed on Flipkart, India. Launch Set for February 6

The utility of smartphones have increased dramatically with the passage of time. It is no longer a simple device merely meant for exchange of communication as it was during its early years of inception. With a higher number of features packed in every single smartphone making its entry in the mobile and computing marketplace, the device has undergone a complete makeover from being just a means for personal use to satisfying professional needs as well. Professional photographers using smartphones to shoot their stunning imagery is not uncommon. At the same time, amateur YouTubers are increasingly seeking to use smartphones for video-recording and voice recording for a low budget initiation into the market. To cater to the increasing demand of customers for new and advanced features, newer and better quality smartphones are being unveiled frequently.

Realme is all set to introduce its latest C3 model in the Indian market. The smartphone is expected to hit the market on February 6th. Tech lovers from all across the globe are on the lookout for the key specifications Realme is bringing on the table. The emerging mobile phone brand has hooked customers - whether they are the ones loyal to the brand or could be potential switchers from other brands. Realme has revealed specifications and visuals of the C3 model on the product page of Flipkart just before its launch to arouse interest among the masses. 

If you are an avid follower of smartphone trends, you certainly must have been perplexed by the overwhelming number of variants each iconic mobile brand is coming up with. With the marketplace flooded with so many brands and variants, it is often worthwhile for a customer to compare across multiple variants, check out specifications and prices before deciding on an investment. MySmartBazaar is a great place where you can check out the latest smartphones from popular platforms such as Flipkart, Amazon, Tata Cliq etc.

Amidst speculation over the promised set of features, the C3 variant is expected to carry a host of features. The C3 model would come with a dual sim as is the standard set by most smartphones these days. For consumers who share specific interest towards gaming or watching videos, a large display, especially LED technology enabled, is always good news. The C3 is anticipated to sport a 6.5 inch HD display with gorilla glass and carry a MediaTek Helio G70 chipset. There are similar smartphones that you would come across at MySmartBazaar and comparing across different models or the predecessors would allow you gain a better understanding of how the C3 stands out from the rest.

The model is expected to come with a 4 GB RAM and 32 GB/64 GB storage capacity. The C3 model being a budget smartphone from the Chinese smartphone producer, is expected to be similarly priced as its predecessor, the C2 model which was priced around INR 8,000 in the Indian market. It is also anticipated to come with a standard micro SD card slot and a dual camera as any other budget smartphone. At MySmartBazaar, you would find many such similar options and make the right purchase decision.

If you are tired of your phone’s battery drying up everytime, there is good news for you. With the Realme C3 model, you could expect a better battery life and promising power utilization. The smartphone would come with a 5000 mAH powered battery and an Android 10 operating system. The phone would come with a standard loudspeaker and 3.5 mm jack for audio phones. It is expected to hit the market with blue and black color variants.

MySmartBazaar, not only helps you compare across multiple smartphone variants and make a worthwhile investment, but also is a platform where we aim to provide customers reliable information about any product.

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