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Give us your best untold story ( Published on 28 Mar 2020 )


We at would like to welcome individuals to share their polish work with us, there aren’t any laws to writing, there never have been and never will. So, fire out your submissions fast and furiously and become a part of the MySmartBazaar team.

We at require individuals who would want to share their knowledge about a certain platform. We believe publishing high quality work with enriched information will encourage reader absorption and we would love to work with such kind of people who would bring penchant for the same and strive for excellence.

The Endeavours that  your content should focus on are  Breaking News , Upcoming events, Analysis, Reports, Reviews, Technology, Relationship building, Business Growth, Business, Brands, Startups, Entrepreneurships, Successes, Strategic advice, Digital Marketing, App Development, Web Apps/Software’s, Gaming, Bitcoin Tips, Ideas, How to, Launches, Deals and Whispers. Along those lines, give us a shout if you require  more  topics. 

All the new content will be approved within 3 working days, your approved content will be published within 2 weeks  and also a notification through an email will be sent to you once your content is published. Email Us at :

Our Guidelines

Intro: Include one paragraph bio of yourself, along with your social media reach.

Content: The content reach should be from 400 to 1200 words, we should be the first to publish your content and not publish content that is already available on the internet.

Links and Hyperlinks: Links related to the website need to be included and not more than one. Having said that , the resources links are a sure must.

Illustrations: All images/illustrations  should be in JPG or PNG format, zipped into one single folder named IMAGES.

File format:  We accept your work in Microsoft Word doc or HTML files.

Submission process

All you have to do is email your projects  to, with the subject: “Interested to Guest Posting – Your Name”. We ll reach out to you as soon as we can.

Post Submission process

Give us 3 business days after you have submitted your guest post or topic idea. We would  review your post or topic idea, check if it meets our guidelines and how the topicbenefits our editorial direction in the current scenario.

Your post might be acknowledged as it is or may be minor alterations will be done on clarity, grammar and punctuations. We may give a short introduction or conclusion to give proper context to our audience. On the off chance that we feel your article is on-point yet needs increasingly substantive changes, we will email you back with our contemplations and solicitation for revisions.

Who are we looking for

Guest writers with experience,who have in depth content on the topics, unique writing skills and just do not want to promote their own businesses are welcomed at

We need highly relevant information and helpful data to be written for our audience and clients. We are looking at publishing a good number of guest articles, so we need good writers to join us.

Write for us

MySmartBazaar is the best place to publish your work and contribute through the strongest source of communication. Your proper understanding of our audience will clearly benefit both of us. We have clear submission guidelines that are out there and available, and templates to enforce clear submissions. 

Thanks again for your interest in accepting this invite to be a guest writer on Looking forward to your submissions. We will make it a smooth process, yet an incredible experience for our audience along with your accomplishments.